The VYO has been offering a baseball program for boys in the Reading and surrounding communities since 1946. We currently offers eight class levels for baseball based on grade level of the boys involved.

The first two classes (Pee Wee & Class D) are involved in a league organized and ran by the VYO. The other six classes are involved in the Greater Cincinnati Knothole Association (West Region).

BASEBALL – SOFTBALL SIGN-UPs are CLOSED.  Please call Bonnie Rack (513) 673-7225 to see if we can accommodate late sign-up.  Late sign-ups are not guaranteed.

IF YOUR CHILD PLAYS ANY VYO SPORT – Each Family must work a minimum of 2 hours at the Memorial Day festival. If you cannot work the festival, you can buyout for $40.00.

Pee Wee is for boys in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Entire League Schedule:  VYO – Pee Wee League Schedule

Class D is for boys in 2nd & 3rd grade.

Entire League Schedule:  VYO – D League Schedule

Class C-1 is for boys in the 4th grade.

C Jr. Knothole Schedule:  Theis

Class C-2 is for boys in the 5th grade.

C Sr. Knothole Shedule:  Ellis

Class B-1 is for boys in the 6th grade.

B Jr. Knothole Schedule:  Skillman

Class B-2 is for boys in the 7th grade.

B Sr. Knothole Schedule: Watts

Class A-1 is for boys in the 8th grade.

A Knothole Schedule:  Lattire

Class A-2 is for boys in the 8th grade.

Baseball League Rules:

Pee Wee League

Class D League Rules

Cincinnati Knothole League Rules