The Valley Youth Organization was established in 1946 in Reading, Ohio. The original name was Reading Youth Organization. The organization was founded on the premise that boys and girls engaged in organized sports are less likely to get into trouble, are better students in the classroom, and they become better citizens. Their bodies are more likely to be strong and healthy as they mature into adult years and they learn to work together with their teammates to achieve success. They celebrate their successes when they win, and gracefully accept losing; always congratulating the winner. It’s a lesson in life itself. Life’s journey is a team event that requires all of us to learn from everyone else. The VYO believes strongly in the team concept.

In 1948 the organization was renamed to welcome children from the surrounding communities to also participate in the sports organized by the VYO.

Programs currently offered by the VYO:

  • Basketball for boys and girls
  • Baseball for boys – Go to Baseball Page for Schedules and Rules
  • Softball for girls – Go to Softball Page for Schedule and Rules
  • Volleyball for girls – Sign-Ups are Open in link below or on Volleyball Page

VOLLEYBALL 2024 – SIGN-UPs are now OPEN.  Late sign-ups are not guaranteed.

The VYO is ran 100% by volunteers.

Thanks to each and everyone that has volunteered their time to the VYO.  As you know, the children that participate in VYO sports programs are the benefactors from the generosity of all our volunteers. The VYO is funded primarily from the Memorial Day Festival. Please visit our Festival page to learn more about how you can get involved to help make the festival a success.